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Pronal lifting Bags are pneumatic devices especially designed and shaped to perform mechanical functions such as pushing, pressing, guiding, clamping, blocking, damping, lifting and moving.

They are ruggedly constructed from high-resistance fabric coated with synthetic rubber formulated for industrial environments.

Offering perfect distribution of thrust, they are normally inflated with compressed air or other fluids such as water, oil and glycol (depending on the application).

Lifting bags are easy to integrate into conventional mechanical systems. Typical applications include presses, moulds, conveyors, handling robots and lifting tables.

Pronal lifting bags differ from Pronal's highly portable lifting cushions in that they are typically fixed and custom-shaped to particular tasks.

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  • Thin and compact when empty (from less than 20mm thick)
  • Small overall dimensions
  • Adaptable to various surfaces
  • High lifting force with perfect thrust distribution
  • Rapid deflation by spring or bag working in opposition or vacuum or venturi tube
  • Non-contaminating
  • Rugged construction from elastomer-coated fabric,
  • Vacuum vulcanized at 140 C
  • Resistant to UV light, oxygen and ozone
  • Unaffected by water, dust, oil (cutting oil, mineral or vegetable oil, lubrication oil) grease
  • Inflation stems made from bichromate steel and (on request) stainless steel
  • Very low maintenance

Highly diversified range

  • Standard square shape from 100-1000mm
  • Single or multi-stage
  • Inflation pressure up to 7 bar
  • Customised rectangular, curved or circular shapes, all sizes
  • Multiple accessories adapted to particular uses

Do you require a specific product?

We can often provide made-to-measure solutions. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements or send us a description of your particular needs.

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