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Pronal lifting cushions are highly portable lifting devices that can provide delicate heavy lifts. They are very safe and easy to use, with the latest ranges incorporating the strength of Kevlar textile, the same super-tough fibre used in body armour, racing tyres and racing sails.

Capable of raising up to 65,000 kg per unit in standard form, their typical applications extend across a broad range of mobile uses in the mining, industrial, civil rescue, military, aviation and automotive sectors.

They provide evenly spread lift across a broad area to handle tasks ranging from the raising of heavy beams, construction components and pipelines, for example, through to heavy vehicles, bulldozers, locomotives and aircraft.

Pronal lifting cushions are the result of long experience in the manufacture of lifting bags, from which they differ primarily in that lifting bags are typically used in fixed industrial applications (see lifting bag section).


They offer many advantages:

  • Compact starting height
  • Strong construction, being made from kevlar fabric layers coated with chemical resistant elastomer, hot vulcanized under pressure in one operation. Aramid reinforcement (Kevlar)
  • Inflation pressure up to 8 bar, irrespective of stroke
  • Low and high pressure types available
  • Non-slip surfaces for maximum friction when stacking two cushions
  • Cross-marked for easy centering under load
  • Basic safety rules inscribed on the cushions
  • Broad range of standard types (with custom-engineered types also available - see The Engineering Advantage)
  • Broad range of accessories for different fields of application, including simplified inflation controller, control panel and air pressure relief valve

Compared with hydraulic and mechanical jacks

Mechanical or hydraulic jacks concentrate their energy into a small contact area. Lifting bags distribute theirs over the entire surface area of the bag. Lifting cushions also have a very low uninflated maximum thickness (25mm) compared with conventional jacks. This allows lifting cushions to be deployed and operated under a wider range of loads than other hoisting apparatus. In addition to providing easier access, they are more tolerant of conditions around the load (which may include trenches and different terrain surfaces)

Do you require a specific product?

We can often provide made-to-measure solutions. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements or send us a description of your particular needs.